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Clarrie Read was the Secretary of the Bacup Natural History Society after coming across some articles in the societies collection, written by a elderly man describing his youth in the 1800's Bacup. Clarrie decided to put his memories down on paper of his childhood during the early 1900's in Bacup. Other memories featured here are those of  Mr Richard Greenoff , Mr Pilling  and Mrs Goulding who wrote her memories down in 1974. Also  featured here are just a few of the memories of Tom Ratcliffe, Grandson of Ratcliffe's Quarry owner also  called Tom who was killed in 1924 after a explosives accident in the quarry. His father was also named Tom ran away at 16 to join the army lying about his age and saying he was 18. His brother Roland Ratcliffe joined the Welsh Guards and was killed at  just 19 during world war 1. When the army found out that his father hadlied they contacted hisparents who told them to send him home but he refused so the army put him in the Royal Artillery training horses and then he ended up working in a Belgium Quarry. Over the years Bacup has had some  very individual characters, some of these are featured on the People pages, from the memoirs of James Ogden. As well as Superstitions and Ghosts our Bacupian ancestors had many varied Traditions.
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