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World War II was the largest and most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind. Many Bacup and Stacksteads men took part in the war, this page will feature their stories.
First Bacupian To Be Decorated The Bacup Times of May 16th 1942  proudly announced the home coming of the First Bacupian to be decorated in the present war. He was Able Seaman Thomas Brown R.N  of 22 Church Street Stacksteads. Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal he was welcomed home by the Mayor and friends and neighbours in Church Street Stacksteads hung banners and flags to celebrate. A.B Brown was the youngest son of Mrs. M.A. Rouen of 4 Hannah Street Bacup and the late Mr. John Brown. Married with a small son A.B Brown was a member of the crew of the destroyer H.M.S Farndale, which while escorting a convoy sank one of the largest,  fastest and newest Italian Submarines the Amaranti  Caracioli, in the Mediterranean sea on December 11th 1941. A.B. Brown had been the port look out on the bridge and had first spotted the submarine at about three miles distance. A German Army general was one of the 53 army personnel and German Air Force members rescued and taken prisoner.
Tpr. Wright Walker, Royal Armoured Corps.  
Bacup Times June 9th 1945 Two Bacup brothers James Edward ( Eddie ) Mills, serving in the Merchant Navy, and A.B. Richard Kenneth Mill, R.N. second and youngest sons of Mr and Mrs, J.E.Mills, 252, Rochdale Road, had an unexpected reunion in and overseas port recently. As the naval vessel in which he is serving was proceeding out to sea, Kenneth spotted his brother's ship. He dashed to the bridge to flash a signal, but his brother forestalled him with a message of greeting and best wishes. Kenneth's ship returned to port the same afternoon, and the following day he was able to go aboard his brothers vessel, where they had a happy time together for about 1 hour 30 mins. As Kenneth's ship again left port the next day they were able to wave farewell to each other.  BacupTimes September 26th 1942
Bacup Times September 1943. Many instances of Bacup lads coming across each other while serving overseas have been recorded in our columns. This week we have received the following letter from three of our townsmen, . Tpr N.E.Morris, R.A.C. Pte. J.R. Topping. R.A.S.C. and TPR, Wright Walker, R.A.C, who have met in the Middle East. Havinf read some of the reports in the time of lads from Bacup meeting out here we'd like to tell you what pleasure it gives when these meetings occur. Somehow it makes you eel that Bacup has made its powers felt all over the world and that no matter where you are you'll always eventually meet a Bacupian. Out here especially, you keep wondering and saying to yourself " will I ever meet one of out blokes ". These metting of service men happen when we least expect them as our case proves. I was at the base awaiting transport to my regiment when who should I meet in the canteen but Jack Topping, of the R.A.S.C. In no time we were yarning about Bacup and our homes. For one night the war was forgotten. It was, " Do you know so and so"? " Do you remember this"? etc, and as we left each other that night, we vowed that no matter where we were we'd always keep in touch with each other. Next morning a rather breathless Jack turned up at my billet, saying "guess who I've seen ? It's reet , Wright Walker, you know him he lives up Burnley Road". Promptly we both set out to find him , and before long we  succeeded and very soon three happy blokes were at it again. Jack and I got a lot of news from him, as he had only been in Egypt three days. He is in the R.A.C, like myself, and is waiting posting to a regiment. To use his own words on meeting us. " Eh it's grand, I didn't ever expect to meet twp Bacup lads out here ". Well, that's how it all happened. Were together, the three if us, and are happy to remain so for a little while. One of these days whilst in Cairo we met Tommy Lane of the R.A. and once more we had a Bacup session.In conclusion we would like to that you for the " Times " . Through it we know all the news and when it does arrive every scarp is read, even  the advertisements and for one glorious hour we are back home. Also our thanks for the Bacup W.V.S for their parcels, which brighten up our lives out here, and we do appreciate them. Anyhow for the present tell everyone to keep smiling. We are.  Three Bacup Lads.Tpr, N.E. Morris, R.A.C. Pte. J .R. Topping, R.A.S.C .
Dunkirk Normandy Landings
The Allied invasion of Hitler's "Fortress Europe" began in the early morning hours of June 6, 1944 when American and British paratroops dropped behind the intended invasion beaches to disrupt erman communications. At dawn, the sea invasion began as an Allied Armada disgorged thousands of troops at five beaches along France's Normandy coast. By the end of the day, the Allies had achieved a tenuous toe hold that would be laboriously expanded over the next weeks and would lead ultimately to the Nazi defeat in the West.
A number of Bacup Lads are among others from Rossendale who are sharing in the defence of Malta, the much bombed George Cross Island in the Mediterranean. Four of them serving with the Lancashire Fusiliers are seen in the above photograph. They are standing left to right: Fus R Pearson, Fus C Greenwood and Fus D Maden and in front Lance Corporal  A Aspinall. In a note accompanying the snap Fus Greenwood states: "I feel some of our townspeople would like to know that Bacup is well represented in this gallant little island-not much larger than the valley we love so dear and long to see again. If only for the rain at dear old Sheephouse.
Pte Hardman and other POW's in Germany.
Missing Killed  or Wounded Many Bacup and Stacksteads soldiers were either listed as wounded killed or missing in action in the pages of the Bacup Times. These are just a few of thier stories.
Prisoners of War Many Bacup and Stacksteads men were  held as prisoners of war these are just a few of  thier stories Click name to access Hiam, Harrison, Trickett, Walsh, Hardman, Maden, Bayley
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