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Throughout the 1930s, a great deal of building work was taking  place, including alterations to widen roads and footpaths still in  place today. The Ministry of Transport gave approval in February  1931 for the erection of automated traffic control signals to be  erected in St James Square, and the lane leading to Plantation  Street known as Delph Lane was just one of many during 1936  that underwent widening, along with Newchurch Road from  Underwood Hall to Four Lane Ends, Newchurch Road at Rockliffe  and Burnley Road at Broadclough Mill. In August the decision was  taken to make Lanehead Lane a one way street along with Church  Street, Stacksteads.  By January 1960, an increasing amount of traffic was using  Greave Road, Oakenclough Road and Warcock Lane to avoid the  town centre, when travelling from Rochdale Road to Todmorden  Road, so much so that the question of whether Bacup needed a  ring road resulted in the Council approving a decision to carry out  a census over the routes vehicles were taking. The question of a  ring road had been discussed previously, but the war had stopped  any development.  
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