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Central School Central School pupils with Miss Lord and Mr Ashworth Headmaster Central School Class 1954 Sharneyford School Pupils from Sharneyford School 1920 St Mary's School opened in 1903, previously held in a little building next to Wesley Place Chapel St Marys new school on the Britannia Old Road St Mary's School 1887  Mount Board School, which was taken over by the Bacup Borough Education Authority on the 1st April 1902. Mount School Mount Girls Class of 1893
The first school house in Bacup was built on land purchased in 1692, from Mr John Whitaker of Broadclough Hall situated on the site of what is today the home of Bacup library. Several local churches had their own schools such as Christ Church School but in general education in Bacup’s early days was mainly carried out in private institutions; quite often these carried the title “Seminary”. For example, Miss Gower’s Young Ladies Seminary was situated on South Street in the North Street Primitive Methodist building. She accepted children from the age of 4 and gave instruction in reading, writing, arithmetic, and plain needlework at a cost of 6d per week or, alternatively for 8d a week, reading, writing, dictation, geography, grammar, plain and fancy needlework. In 1865 only about 800 children attended ordinary schools, about 200 attended private schools with an average weekly fee of 4d. A headmistress pay in 1894 was about £1 a week or less. Many received £40.00 a year.  In 1895 a proposal was put forward  to raise the school leaving age from 11 years to 12 years. The Bacup town council was against such a move. The mayor said: “the children were so happy at their work that he would be sorry to deprive them of it until they were 12” The editor of the Bacup Times commented:  " If it is so splendid I wonder why well to do people keep their children away". Central School  infants building was opened on the 2 Sept 1895 and the junior school on Saturday 19th September 1896. In 1987, it was decided that repairs to Thorn would be too costly and so the school was demolished, with pupils being moved to the old Blackthorn site. Sharneyford Board School was built in 1878 for 200 children. A year after Western was opened, in 1904 building began on the new Mount Board School, which was taken over by the Bacup Borough Education Authority on the 1st April 1902. Mount was known at this time as the Mount Wesleyan School teaching boys, girls and infants all in one building.At  the time of its closure in December 1982 Mounts pupil number was 32 infant children.   St Saviours School, founded in 1858 was a two storey building. The church school classes were held in the lower rooms whilst chapel services were  held upstairs. This was the practice until 1865 when the church of St Saviours was built. In 1904 the school became a County Primary school under the control of the local education authority. The school was used as a Sunday school and for local area meetings Following a building check in February 1982 which uncovered several faults, the building was deemed unsafe and, as a result, the 112 pupil’s four teachers and headmaster, Mr Heys were moved into four adjacent classrooms at Western County Primary School.   A the time of Northern Schools opening  on August 1910  by Henry Maden J.P whilst Mr Smith Chairman of the Education Committee presided  it was  said to be the best adapated school in Bacup. Two thousand square yards of land were purchased from the Lord Barn Estate and the first sod was cut in October 1908. Tunstead Church School, now the site of a residential area known as Old School Mews was formerly opened by Mr Robert Munn of Heath Hill on November 12th 1882. Less than 100 years later in November 1982, pupils of Tunstead Church School and Western Board School took home paperwork proposing the merger of the two schools which both had surplus places due to a falling birth rate. In Stacksteads the new Western Board School was formally opened on 19th April 1903 by Mr James Ashworth vice chairman of the Bacup School Board, with the infants' department being taken over by Easter. The mixed departments had been using the school for six months previous to its opening. Western took the place of two former schools these being Waterbarn Baptist school and Stacksteads Wesleyan school The  Britannia Wesleyan day school was opened on the 13th July 1873 the first headmaster being a Mr Tyfort who occupied the position for two years until he emigrated to Australia. The new purpose built council school was opened on 30th. June 1928 for 296 mixed pupils at a cost of £10, 550.
Blackthorn School was opened in 1939, built on land that had been  purchased from Bacup Cricket Club, The decision was made in May 1982,  by the County Education Committee that Blackthorn Secondary School  would close with secondary education being transferred to Fearns County  Secondary School.   Although Fearns County Secondary School had been in use by the pupils  since the end of the Summer holidays it wasn't officially opened until  Monday 2nd November1959 by Lord Derby. Previous to this pupils had  been taught at Western School. At the time of its opening it could  accommodate 450 pupils. In April 1973 the school was added to with the  opening of the new two storey RSLA block. The cricket pavilion was  opened in July 1967. 
By 1913 -1914 various day schools were also open in the  evening for what were known as Evening Continuation Classes.  These classes were open to any pupil aged 12 over who was no longer on the register or attending a day school, secondary  school or pupil teachers centre and lessons were taught in  various subjects for a Fee.The sessions for 1913 commenced  on Monday September 15th 1913 and were held for Female  students at Central, Western, Northern and Britannia schools,  and for Male students Britannia, Mount, Western and Northern  schools. As with today's students those on what was considered a low income could apply for help with travelling expenses to  the Board of Education.   For those pupils who had left day school in 1913-1914 the fee  for the evening classes would be wavered if  the parent of  employer signed a form stating that the fee would be paid by  them if the pupils attendance was not satisfactory. Some of the  subjects open to pupils for study in the various schools are  shown in the  pdf opposite. Just like today parents could face  legal action if they didn't make sure their children had a good  attendance record at school read a selection of non- attendance  reports  from 1914. Click the image to see some of the night  school results.
John Henry Sanderson a pupil who won an award for seven full years attendance in 1906 Blackthorn School Gardens Girls of Blackthorn 1956 Fearns pre four storey Fearns outing early 1970's