In 1834 New Line was formed and a Toll house was erected at Height Barn. The road from Bacup to Rochdale was built by a Mr John Lord a large property owner. In 1844 The Manchester, Bury and Rossendale Railway Company was incorporated by a act Act Of Parliament. The Manchester to Rawtenstall section of the Railway was opened to passengers on 28th September 1846, with the  Rawtenstall to Waterfoot line opening to passengers on the 27th March 1848. The Bacup Tramway between Bacup and Rawtenstall was constructed and opened in 1889, and at first, steam motive power was used. On the 20th July 1889 there was great excitement in Bacup as this was the day when the tramway would be officially inspected and would be ready for service to the public. A large crowd  gathered at the Bulls Head comer awaiting the arrival of the tram from Rawtenstall. The roads of Bacup and Stacksteads were frequented by various forms of transport steam driven waggons  passing side by side horse drawn carts.  The Rolls Royce of Rockliffe house riding alongside the waggonette of the Stacksteads Wesleyan Sunday school.   Today looking out over what once was Brandwood Quarry it is quite pleasing to the eye and is described as  "A former quarry now reclaimed to provide pleasant walks". A far cry away now from the days when there must have been nothing at all pleasant about working in Brandwood or any other Quarry in the area. Between the years 1824 and 1865, 35 cotton mills were erected in Bacup. People flocked from the agricultural districts such as Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire  to work in Bacup. The beautiful wooded valleys and the clear fish filled river Irwell soon disappeared and instead of growing trees we grew chimneys that belched out smoked 24 hours a day. In 1881 there were 67 cotton and woollen mills in Bacup. 7 Size works and 4 print works, 4 dye houses and 5 reed and heald works. 3 Felt works and 2 Corn mill, 2 Breweries and 3 Iron founderies, 61 workshops and 19 stone quarries, and 16 coal mines.
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