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1916  Arthur Halstead

Arthur Halstead, of the 1st East Lancashire Regiment son of Mr Alfred Halstead, Back Spring Terrace  Stacksteads has been gassed  at the front. Private Halstead was employed at Atherton Holme and was a member of Stacksteads Wesleyan.

1918  W T Crane

Mrs Crane, 21 Rochdale Rd, Bacup had recived information that her husband. Pte W T Crane, is lying desperately ill  from Malaria in hospital in Egypt. Pte Crane who is the eldest son of the late Mr william Crane, formerley steward  at the Liberal Club and Rossendale Club, and Mrs Crane of Rochdale Road was employed as a carder at Springholme Mill and had been  in Egpyt 3 years.  Died of Wounds  25 Sept 1918.

1918 Albert Patchett

A well known man and frmer slipper worker Private Albert Patchett, Vale Street, Bacup, who is a married man abd about 30 years of age is now in hospital in Brighton suffering from shrapnel wounds, in the head and back sustained in France on September 27th. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Patchett, 252 Todmorden Rd, Sharneyford and prior to enlistment was employed at Messrs S McLerie and Son’s Grove Mill The wounds are thought not to be too serious.

1915 Abraham White

Private Abraham White of Stott Street, Rochdale Road has been in hospital for a fortnight suffering from fever and rheumatism. Private White spent all last wwinter in the trenches and was seerely wounded  at Ypres on March 1st, He recovered and went back to active service on July 16th. His arm was three inches short and so was re-trained as a gunner being stationed near Arrass. A former Lance Corporal of the Bacup Volunteers.

1915 L Garrard

Lance Corporal Garrard is lying wounded in hospital in Rouen, suffering from wounds recieved in action. Garrard who is connected with the 1st Manchester Regiment has been wounded twice now. Garrard was formerley as a bar man at the Swan Hotel.

1915 Herbert Ashworth

Mrs S Burton, of 41 Lloyd Street, Blackwood, Stacksteads, has recived an official intimation that her son Private Herbert Ashworth, of the Grendaier Guards has been wouded in the left side and knee in a recent engagement in France. Prior to enlisting Private Ashworth was a policeman in Oldham. His half brother Private Cyril Burton died of wounds on August 1oth while serving with the Bacup Company  the 1/5th East Lancashire Territorials. Another son of Mrs Burton is serving with the 3rd Hussars on the Western Front. Private Ashworth is a inpatient at a Military Hospital In Colchester. Private Ashworth wrote his mother.
Letter to Mother

1915 Hebert Townsend

Private Herbrt Townsend, son

of Sergeant A.W.Townsend and

Mrs Townsend, of 10 C-

Operation Street, Bacup has

been wounded at the


Private Townsend is a member

of the First Field Ambulance of

the Medical Division of the

Ryal Naval Dicision of the

Medeteranian Expeditionary

Force, and was injured and

suffered exposure during

recent operations.

1915  John W Ray

News has been recieved during

thr weekend by the relatives of

Private John William Ray, of the

R.A.M.C and eldest son of Mr

Daniel Ray, cabinet maker of

Stacksteads. The information

was that he had recived a

gunshot wounds in the left leg

in the fighting in France about

a fortnigt ago. Private Ray

whose wife resides in

Blackwood, is 25 years of age

and enlisted twelve months


He is now in a military hospital

near Strattford Upon Avon.


1915 Thomas Boocock

Aquaintances of  Driver Thomas Boocock, RHA, of Bacup will be regret to learn that while Boocock was tending to his horse the animal reared and kicked him on the thigh. The injury is of such a character that the Bacupian will be out of action for some time.
A wounded soldier would usually have received his first medical attention at one of the aid posts situated in or close behind the front line positions. Units in the trenches provided such posts and generally had a Medical Officer, orderlies and men trained as stretcher bearers who would provide this support. The Field Ambulance which was not a vehicle, would provide relays of stretcher bearers and men skilled in first aid, at a series of "bearer posts" along the route of evacuation from the trenches, getting the soldier to the dressing station. Dressing stations were situated in buildings, dugouts and bunkers, these were manned by the R.A.M.C. Once treated casualties were then moved onto a casualty clearing station, these were situated away from the lines and gave a little more safety than a dressing station. The wounded were  transported by various methods, on foot, horse drawn waggon motor ambulance and in some case by light railway to the clearing stations. A edited selection of newspaper reports for wounded soldiers that  I have come across whilst researching. 

1918 Stephen Apsden

A few days ago news was recieved by Mr and Mrs Benjamin Aspden that thier son  Stretcher Bearer Stephen Aspden 2nd Welsh Regiment, was lying seriously ill in in the No 6 General Hospital B.E.F. France. The information was contained in a letter written on September 28th by Sister M Brown,  stating that Aspden was suffering from gunshot wounds  in the leg the limb being in such a condition that it had to be amputated and everything was being done for him. It is not known whether the left or right leg has been lost. Stretcher Bearer Aspden is a native of Weir and connected with Helad Wesleyan and was a worker at Waterside Slipper works when he joined up, he will be 20 on Novemeber 14th 1918.  He has two brothers both serving. William James and Ernest.

1918 Vernon Taylor

On Thursday Mr and Mrs Edwin Taylor 348, Newchurch Road Stacksteads received a card from ther son Pte Vernon Taylor, 19 of the Machine Gun Corps, stating that he had been addmitted to hospital in France. He joined up on May 24th 1917 and went to France May 5th 1918. Before enlisting he was employed at the Globe Slipper Works, Newchurch.

1918 Harry H Holt

Information has been recieved that Private Harold H Holt a well known playing member of Bacup Cricket Club, was wounded in the right shoulder during anf engagement near Cambrai on September 30th. He is making good progress.

1918 Ernest Rushton

Private Ernest Rushton 18 Cooperation Street, Bacup who is in France attached to the 13th Kings Liverpool Regiment, was dangerously ill. Later communications recieved state that he was shot in the back. But that he is doing nicely.

1918 A E Smith

The relatives of Lance Corporl A E Smith 21 Suffolk Regiment, second son of Mr W Smith 9 Hindle Street, Stackcteads have recived a letter from his chaplain and officer tha he has sustained shrapnel wounds and is doing nicely. He is a petient in the 29th C.C.S France 

1918 Ben Roberts

In a letter to his parents Private

Ben Roberts son of Mr and Mrs

G H Roberts of 24 Ash

Cottages, Bacup tell them that

he is wounded and in hospital.

But is no where near dead. 

Having sustained only amsll

wounds in both legs. One of the

soldiers that helped Roberst

was Private Joe Fell of Quarry

Street, Bacup, who has been

home on leave. It seems they

were marching a few miles

from the lines where the

Germans had set some

explosive traps. Private Roberts

was  wounded in the legs when

it exploded. Before enlisting in

June 1916, Private Roberts was

an assistant at Cockerills


1917 John Richardson

Mrs Richardson of 17 Plane Street, Bacup. has been informed that her sons  Pte John Richardson 18th East Lancashire Regiment was reported to be dangerously ill. in the 26th General Hospital, Etaples on the 14th May having sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. The hospital state that they can not give permission to visit the hospital. He is 19 years of age and prior to enlisting was an apprentice lithographic printer at Messrs Shepherd and Markham.

1917 Alexander


Sergt Alexander Thomlisons of the East Lancashire Regiment is in hospital in France suffering from a wound in the left hand and shell shock sustained on the 10th inst, as a result of which his speech has been affected.  Mrs Thomlinson, 21 Bold Street Bacup recived a letter from her hisband on Tuesday in which he stated that he was making a bayonet atatck and did not know anything else until he found himself in hospital.  Prior to entering H.H.Forces about 18 months ago Thomlinson was a member of the Bacup Borough Police Force in which his brother P.C John Thomlinson is now serving.
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