Boggart Hole Clough

The image captures Hill House Barn farm, situated along Booth Road, an area once popularly referred to as Folly Clough. This nickname originated from the Clough that flowed from Higher Tunstead to the Hare and Hounds. Although water continues in this direction, it is now channelled beneath the road through pipes.



To the right of the frame is Sykes Foundry, sharing an owner with the farm, John Atherton. Locals affectionately dubbed the foundry ‘Boggart Foundry’ and the Clough as ‘Boggart Hole Clough.


In July of 1897, the locals might have believed in the mythical Boggart’s mischief. On Thursday, the 15th of July, around 2 o’clock, a whirlwind, described as a remarkable phenomenon, made its presence known. The brunt of its havoc was unleashed upon Mr. Pickup’s farm, where it scattered his hay supply across the road and inflicted other minor damages.