Police Occurrence Book

Extracts 1941-1942

8th January 1941

Suicide: Annie Berry, aged 68, residing at 14 Fern Hill Drive, took her own life by inhaling coal gas.

9th January 1941

Enquiry: Superintendent Seaforth reported a barrage balloon that had broken away from its moorings at Vale Park. The balloon was trailing 6,000 feet of cable and moving at 25 miles per hour in a north-northeast direction.

12th January 1941

Crimes: Barker Holden, a coal dealer from 135 Burnley Road, Weir, Bacup, reported that 2 sacks of poultry food were missing from a hen cabin located in a field off Burnley Road Weir.

Suspected Conversion: Horace Brassington (3 Rosehill Street, Bacup), John William Greenwood (20 Shepherd Street, Bacup), and James Robert Ashworth (11 Princess Street, Bacup) entrusted money to Margaret Allen and suspected that she had converted some of it for her own use.

Tuesday 18th February 1941

Street Accident: Thomas Bolton (69 years old, residing at 169 Market Street, Bacup) was knocked down and injured by a Morris 8HP motor van (registration number HG 3707) in Market Street, Bacup.

Friday 28th March 1941

Foot and Mouth Disease: Bacup and surrounding boroughs were declared Infected Areas due to foot and mouth disease.

Sunday 25th May 1942


P.C. 21 reported Annie Conway using abusive language.

P.C. 26 reported obstruction of Smith Brow by a load of ashes.

S.C. 77 Thurston Seville breached lighting restrictions.

P.C. 21 J. Thompson also breached lighting restrictions.

Monday 16th June 1941

Enquiry: An evacuee was reported missing from their home.

Sunday 13th July 1941

Special Supervision: A military convoy consisting of 67 vehicles and 8 motorcycles was expected to pass through the borough.


P.C. 10 reported a barrage balloon straying over the borough.

P.S. 2 instructed Cpl. W. Stratton to return to unit.

Tuesday 11th November 1941

Sudden Death: Alice Eckersley (60 years old) of 334 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, passed away suddenly at Stacksteads railway station.

Monday 22nd December 1941

Crime Prevention: Due to the special risk of poultry theft around Christmas, patrols would pay extra attention to this type of crime.

Friday 8th May 1942

Enquiry: Chief Constable York reported the escape of three Italian prisoners of war.

Friday 9th May

Enquiry: Chief Constable York confirmed the recapture of the Italian prisoners of war. Regional police message also mentioned a new type of bomb used by the enemy.

Sunday 14th June 1942

Report: Children were observed playing in the office at Rakehead Quarry.

Tuesday 14th July 1942

Street Accident: Betty Ashness (4 and a half years old) of 13 Heys Street, Bacup, sustained head injuries in a street accident on Rochdale Road near the Empire Theatre.

Monday 24th August 1942

Alien Reporting: Audino Luigi, an Italian national, reported his arrival in Bacup and stated that he would reside at 4 Pembroke Street.

Tuesday 29th September 1942

MVB Message: James Davies and James Brennan absconded from a remand centre.

Monday 19th October 1942

Occurrence: A night-watchman at Reed Works, Beech Mill, Bacup, reported hearing unusual sounds.

Saturday 28th November 1942

Occurrence: Prize draw tickets were found at Kimberley Working Men’s Club in Rakehead, Stacksteads.

Monday 11th December 1942

Enquiry: Edward Allan Harris and Robert Chatman absconded from Dolbroyd Approved School